Saturday, September 5, 2009

Susana Monaco Bubbles Catalog by Michael Creagh

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The Bubbles shoot is one of my personal favorites and is the lead image on my website,

International Photography Awards – Michael Creagh awarded Honorable Mention




Here is the image selected for Honorable Mention. It is an image I photographed for the Susana Monaco catalog. I was pretty excited even though there are a lot of people chosen for this honor. Some of my fellow honorable mentions were some pretty big name photographers like Howard Schatz and Markus Klinko. It is really very funny as apparently the winners were originally announced a month ago and I had no idea I was awarded anything. There are a lot of categories and over 22,000 entries from 124 countries. It was just hard to find your name on the list!


Here are some behind the scene shots. There are always lots of comments about the gorgeous model Charlotte from DNA and how porcelain her skin looks. You can see without retouching how stunning she is. If you would like to see the entire series, it is posted at under the title of bubbles.

Michael Creagh

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