Friday, September 25, 2009

Photos from the Archive

Here is a shoot from my archive. I must have shot this about 9 years ago. I happened upon it today while trying to search for some other old shots for a makeup artist friend. It appeared on my first website and did make it into my anthology book. I think it was one of the first fashion shoots I did. It was with the impeccable hair stylist Christophe.

The models were April from Ford and David, Travis and Danielle from Wilhelmina. It is crazy that I did not have to look up their names. The memory works in very strange ways how it stores information. Sometimes, I cannot recall who I photographed last week. But somehow the people from the earlier days are cemented in my brain. I guess you just store the information in a different place in your brain.

The shots were taken in film on a Hasselblad 503CW with a 150mm lens. I cannot recall if I used a 13mm extension tube to get closer on some of these. I often did. Film choice was most likely Fuji Astia or Provia transparency film. Lighting was a mixture from a lot things. I was using Bowen Travelights with a Fresnel spotlight (also with an umbrella on some). But the first photo is a slide projector with a slide of snakeskin that I photographed earlier in the week for the shoot. I had the spot light and a light with a snoot coming from behind on each side on the hair.





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