Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Nymphets Premiere at SXSW

So sad to be missing the premiere of The Nymphets at SXSW tonight (Saturday) in Austin. Just too crazy here is NYC with studio stuff to get away.  I am lucky enough to have already seen the film in a private screening with the director, Gary Gardner.  It is really f-ing cool and the press is beginning to notice.  Check out the write ups below as well as some of my photos for the movie posters and press.
TheNymphets_SXSW_MichaelCreagh1 TheNymphets_SXSW_MichaelCreagh2TheNymphets_SXSW_MichaelCreagh3  
Examiner lists is as top 10 films to watch
Indiewire has the trailer posted and an article about partying hard.  Here is the trailer below. 

SXSW - Flimmakers In Focus - Interview with Gary Gardner (and my photo of him)
More photos:
Starring Kip Pardue, Jordan Lane PriceAnnabelle Dexter-Jones, and Paulina Singer
Styled by Keith S. Washington
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