Saturday, March 23, 2013

Creem Magazine!!!

My new story with Creem Magazine is on newsstands right now. Very excited about it.  It is styled by Lisa Jarvis, who you will remember did my first story with Hunger Magazine. The model is Ira S (Irina Sumbaeva) from Muse Models.
CreemMagazine_IrinaSumbaeva_MichaelCreagh01   CreemMagazine_IrinaSumbaeva_MichaelCreagh04 CreemMagazine_IrinaSumbaeva_MichaelCreagh05 CreemMagazine_IrinaSumbaeva_MichaelCreagh06CreemMagazine_IrinaSumbaeva_MichaelCreagh02CreemMagazine_IrinaSumbaeva_MichaelCreagh03
Special Thanks to:
Fashion Stylist: Lisa Jarvis
Model:  Ira S, Muse Models
Makeup: Yuko Takahashi for M.A.C Cosmetics & Swarovsky
Hair: Takashi Ashizawa
Make-up Asisstant Megumi Kashimura
Nails:  Eri Narita @Kanako Salon
Michael Creagh

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