Monday, September 26, 2011

Melanie Iglesias Flip Book 2 Monday at 9am!!

The Announcement has been made.  The new Melanie Iglesias Flip Book 2 will be released Monday at 9am!!!  The first Flip Book is so close to 1,000,000 hits.
Finally, the special mystery guest will be revealed.
Check Melanie's Youtube Channel at 9am

To tide you over until Monday, check out all the links I have compiled from my posts of Melanie over the last couple months.

All Melanie Iglesias Posts – Flip Book 1 & 2, Behind the Scenes and Hot Photoshoots

I wanted to consolidate all the Flip Book videos, behind the scenes and links to other Melanie Iglesias photo shoots on 1 page to make it easy for her fans to find all the links from Melanie and my collaborations.  Most future announcements will be on her Twitter, so check there:, for lots of hot photos try her Facebook Fan Page, and now her new Tumblr page.  This page will compile all my future posts as well, so bookmark this page and check here if you think you missed something.

Here is the link Directly to the Melanie Iglesias Flip Book 1 on Youtube

Here is the link Directly to the Melanie Iglesias Flip Book 2 on YouTube

Link to my post on being featured in Philip DeFranco Show’s “MELANIE IGLESIAS RAISES DEBT CEILING BY SELLING CHINESE CHILDREN “ and other places Flip Book 1 was featured.

Link to some sexy Twitter postings from Melanie on my blog with more sexy screenshots and a self shot too.

Link to the first screen shots from part 2 with some hot butts and a cute smile!

Link to 1 Million Hits for Flip Book 1


Link to another behind the scene shot I posted

FHM Magazine Story - Melanie Iglesias Demands Your Attention

Another Behind the scenes photo and a link to Melanie Iglesias’ Tumblr page through mine.

Here is the link to my post with Flip Book Video #1, my comments and some Hot Stills

Here is the link to my post with Flip Book Video #2 with my comments and some Hot Stills

Link to Hot Indian style shots of Melanie!  It was my first post that everyone loved

Link to My Tumblr Page where some cool gifs were made by other fans

A hot swimsuit pic of Melanie on Tumblr

Link to my Day before Announcement with preview photo
Michael Creagh (iPad viewers + archive)
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