Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Natascha Bessez - Part 2

I photographed former Miss Teen New York and upcoming pop superstar today for Dave and Johnny Prom dresses. After the shoot, we decided to take a couple more sexy shots in the natural sunlight. The first 2 are from this shoot today. The second two are from previous days when we were messing around.

Also, her is a video she shot recently singing Mr Saxobeat in Espanol. I think it is pretty cool. To check out my first post on Natascha and see her amazing cover Bruno Mar's Grenade, click here.

Here are the 2 shots from today. Shot with Hasselblad H3D 39 Megapixel, Handheld with a 150mm lens set at F3.2.

The following 2 shots are from past shoots. Both shot on a Canon 5D MarkII with an 85mm lens.

Michael Creagh

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