Thursday, July 15, 2010

LIM Shoot with Amanda from Elite

I have been so busy lately that I am having a hard time posting every week on the blog. I am still at the studio now and have to retouch some more photos and then get back here in the morning. It will be a busy weekend with a very cool new editorial shoot and a big catalog the next day.

Here is a shoot I did with LIM College. We did 6 great looks today with different models and I might post some more if I get a chance.... but I cannot take anymore time out tonight, I really liked this one as it has a grunge feel with this crazy dress and the hand of a stylist who was holding it a moment earlier the model jumps away. The model is Amanda from Elite. Very Cool.

Shot on my Canon 5D Mark II with an 85mm 1.2 lens. ISO 400, F4, 1/160 with a Canon Speedlight.

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