Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Model Profile – Angela Roukas at New York Models

I am trying a new feature of the blog to compliment the other additions like posting some shots from my natural light series. I want to add a few shots of the same model that are not necessarily related by theme or story. I have photographed hundreds of gorgeous models who just never made my main website because there was no overall story attached to it. but I want to share some of the images I enjoyed.

Today is Angela Roukas of New York Models. Completely sexy young woman with a super cool personality. We just shot at my place in Brooklyn for a couple hours. The first shot is probably my favorite from the series. It is just natural window light on my bed with a black cloth background behind.

This shot was done on the floor by my window with bright sunlight.


Michael Creagh


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  1. Wow! what a hot photos Angela Roukas you are so fantastic! I can take my eyes of your pics! i really like it!.. I cant wait for more model photography of you.. i hope it!