Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Katrina Eugenia in the Studio Today!!!

Katrina Eugenia was in the studio shooting today.  We shot some awesome stuff….. that no joke I cannot share yet.  But have patience:  it is worth the wait.  But you know I am not evil.  Here are some more hot photos of Katrina that I took for the Lingerie Journal.  Follow the link to over 30 shots I took of Katrina in swimsuit. Katrina_Eugenia_Lingerie_Journal1
Some savvy Katrina fans will notice this is the same shoot as the vintage shoot on my blog a while back, but a very different edit.  Here is the link to last week’s super hot post.  Of Course, I always say Katrina is a talented photographer herself.  Here is where the tables were turned and she took this shot of me today.  I know, it almost makes up for not posting one of her today!  Check out Katrina’s  Facebook Fan Page.   Here is her photography work and you can follow her on Twitter
Michael Creagh

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