Sunday, November 15, 2009

Contributed to a "How To" Photography Book

I contributed to a "How To" photography book on lighting secrets. It is in book stores now. I picked up a copy at Barnes and Noble in Union Square the other day (I couldn't wait for the publisher to send me a copy). The book is by Author/Photographer Rick Sammon. He has authored dozens of photography books. Here is a link to his very successful photography blog; He wrote this book with another colleague of mine, Vered Koshlano. Vered and I worked together years ago and I was excited to find out that she was partnering up with Rick on this.

Rick contacted me after the Digital PhotoPro article, and asked if I wanted to do a small chapter. I am pretty excited as I haven't worked on any how to books in past. The chapter is on the beauty of black and white. It takes 5 of my most known photos and I give an important point or two on how to achieve it. The book is not all fashion, but a wide variety of portrait, beauty and glamour techniques on location and in the studio. I started reading my copy and might be taking a look at some of the other techniques I am not using.


Here is the link to buy the book on There is a nice discount on the site.

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