Saturday, September 5, 2009

Heartloom Catalogs by Michael Creagh

This is still me trying to have my blogspot catch up. Here are 2 of the last Heartloom catalogs. Both were posted this year, and I am going to post the newest in the next week or so!

Heartloom is a great line. It kind of has a laid back West Coast feel with the elegance and structure of New York. Very wearable and at a good price point. Here is the Fall 2009 collection. My guess is that this collection should be in stores soon. Here is their website to find more information.


I have included a few of my favorite shots here. The model is Lisa Porter from Muse Models. She is a gorgeous redhead who I have been wanting to work with for well over a year. So I was happy we finally had the opportunity. She is terrific and wonderful on set. Also, has anyone noticed that Muse Models has become a powerhouse these days. Conor Kennedy has done an amazing job over there.

We shot in studio with a clean white backdrop. Profoto lights and with the Canon 1DS Mark III.





Heartloom Catalog by Michael Creagh

Here is the Spring 2009 catalog for Heartloom ( I shot this a few months back, but just visited their website yesterday to see there is a downloadable PDF. The PDF is about 40 images long. Here is an excerpt here of like 10 images. You’ll notice the page numbers don’t match up. That is me putting together my own quick collection. We are actually shot another catalog since and preparing for the new catalog in the next couple weeks. This shoot was done at my studio with Audrey from IMG models.

Heartloom make some beautiful and very wearable women’s clothing. Check their website,, for more info and their upcoming collections.







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